The workspaces of tomorrow. Sustainable and ergonomic.

Turn your vacancies and “dead spaces” into revenue-generating service spaces
for better customer experiences or as part of the tenant offering.

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As easy as 1-2-3!

A vacant space under an escalator, a temporarily empty room, an unfurnished corner… all these spaces cost money, time and energy to create and still cost money to maintain. Now we can use these areas for work or relaxation while ensuring workplaces with excellent ergonomics. Moreover, they provide additional revenue!

1. Define space and sign agreement

2. Delivery and installation
(approx. 4-6 weeks)

3. The Coya is bookable and generates revenue!


The main advantage of Coya is, of course, that we can meet the demand for the workplaces of the future with good ergonomics and safety. With Coya, your property becomes an attractive place that meets your guests’ needs!

Quick establishment

Fast establishment (4-6 weeks) with no requirement for remodeling or adaptation.

Easy and attractive

An extra service for visitors and tenants and a solution for “coworking” spaces without own management.

Increases dwell time

Increases the time visitors are in the property and thus also the turnover for nearby stores.

Get revenue for unused space

Below stairs, in passages, in vacant spaces – with Coya, revenue opportunities are created that did not exist before.

Business setup

You may choose between two different setups depending on what suits your business best.

“Rev. share”

With this setup, Coya is responsible for all costs and all you as a property owner need to do is provide an area, electricity and internet connection. You will then be paid between 5-10% of the revenue generated by the Coya!

Revenue potential: up to 14.000 SEK/sqm/year*

“Flipped rev. share”

With this setup you buy the Coya from us and we equip it with locks and other hardware. After that you pay a small service fee each month for maintenance and get paid up to 80% of the revenue generated.

Revenue potential: up to 112.000 SEK/sqm/year*

* Calculated on an area of 20 sqm with office opening hours and 15 Coyas. With maximum occupancy rate and average hourly revenue.